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The Exchange Club of Richmond Hill

P O Box 967

Richmond Hill, GA  31324


The Exchange Club of Richmond Hill is proud of its long and rich record of service to our community for over 20 years. Membership in our club is a great way to get involved in making South Bryan County a better place to live, to stay up to date on goings-on in our area, to network with others of similar interests, and also provides an opportunity to develop your own leadership skills.


Our club is committed to making sure that all operating expenses of the club are paid by member dues; so that all net proceeds from fund raising events are left to support our various community projects. Among the expenses that must be covered from our dues are: cost of meals, National and GA District Dues, postage, supplies, and so on. Our dues are currently $75 per quarter, and are one of the best bargains available among all civic and service organizations.


Application for Membership



Full Name:        ________________________________________________


Mailing Address:    _____________________________________________


Home Phone:  ____________________ Work Phone:   ________________


Email Address:  __________________________ Date of Birth: __________


Employment:  ________________________________________________


Spouse’s Name (If Married):  _____________________________________


Hobbies or Special Interests: _____________________________________




Name of Sponsoring Member: ____________________________________



_____________________________          ___________________________

Applicants Signature / Date                            Sponsors Signature / Date



Amount Due With Application:


          Quarterly Dues:                                         $75.00

New Member Fee:                                    $10.00

          Total Amount Due With Application:       $85.00